All lessons are designed in-line with the curriculums of major countries and boards

             Course contents are designed by well qualified and experienced experts and validated
by the professionals from leading institutions and industries around the world.

Concepisodes: Concepts-on-Episodes

     Teaching through storytelling is a successful instructional model. By adopting the same, theories and concepts are presented in the form of lovable animation episodes with increased number of examples in simple and quality language.

We made it as First in the World
for complete Primary Education.

Lessongs: Lesson-on-Songs

      Generally, kids will perfectly memorize the lyrics of any song that they like, even if it is complex or terrible. This habitual behavior of the kids triggers the researchers to recommend the educators to offer the complete curriculum in songs.

We made it as First in the World.

AR Books

      When reading becomes a taxing process, it hampers the quality of student’s attention and education. Making reading as easy and enjoyable is a great service, particularly for the young learners.

    Our Augmented Reality (AR) Books offer lovely experience to the readers and keep them in sweet zone while reading.

We made it as First in the World.

VR Classrooms

      The real education means experiential learning, which is primarily missing in these online trends.

        Our Virtual Reality (VR) classrooms offer real classroom experience to the online learners.

We made it as First in the World.

Gamified Worksheets

    Gamified edutainment models are the best for enabling personalized learning for the students with different understanding and grasping abilities.

      Our gamified worksheets are not only used to develop problem solving ability, also improves creative thinking and building positive attitude of facing the challenges.

We made it as First in the World.